Laryngeal Imaging and Videostroboscopy (LIV) Seminar

Do you want to learn more about laryngeal imaging and videostroboscopy, how to apply the VALI-R rating method for interpreting and documenting videostroboscopy within reports, tips on performing the exam, clarity on “what is normal”, tips and tricks for getting the best pictures/views, troubleshooting when performing exams, and a variety of voice and upper airway related diagnoses and suggestions related to therapeutic and/or surgical interventions with a general mission to teach you how to apply strobe findings to voice treatment planning and/or appropriate referrals???


Then this course is for YOU!! 


Do you want to be a part of monthly virtual strobe rounds with others that have also completed this course?


Then this course is for YOU!!


What you'll get:

  • 4.5 hours (51 lessons!) of self-study including videos, pictures, and research based information within the course and/or provided as handouts...

  • The opportunity to participate in monthly strobe rounds including case studies, discussion, and mentoring as needed...

  • A certificate of completion (if you complete the short assessment after finishing the course) and the opportunity to submit these hours to ASHA as 4.5 contact hours...



Learning Objectives:

*Participants will learn to apply laryngeal imaging appropriately for the purposes of describing exam results and treating voice, upper airway, and swallowing disorders (as applicable).

*Participants will demonstrate understanding of the WHAT, WHEN, WHY, and HOW related to laryngeal imaging and videostroboscopy.

*Participants will develop basic techniques for laryngeal videostroboscopy, including an introductory to intermediate level of performance and interpretation of exams, with a focus on interpretation using the VALI-R.

*Participants will demonstrate an understanding of how to apply videostroboscopy findings to voice treatment planning and/or appropriate referrals.


What People Are Saying:

LOVED it!! Perfect intro as I work to get videostroboscopy into our hospital practice (years away!) and can't wait to deep dive each diagnosis I get.


So grateful to YOU for your expertise! Your passion and understanding of voice made the course easy to complete. Loved the intimate nature of our small class so that we had plenty of hands-on time and opportunity to not only learn the skillset but get some functional practice with it too! Cannot wait for you to share this material with more SLPs!


Thank you so much, Sara! The course was very inspiring and I learned so much from you!


One of the most comprehensive, thorough & well organized LVES courses I’ve taken. Sara’s passion for teaching & sharing her extensive knowledge is admirable & greatly appreciated! What an AMAZING asset she is to our field!


$299.00 USD