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VOXFIT® is dedicated to delivering the highest level of voice & communication care--for clinical concerns related to healing of vocal fold pathology, inefficient voice use patterns, and/or "hoarseness" -- and also those concerns more related to instruction, coaching, teaching, reporting, performance, public speaking, and/or corporate communication.  VOXFIT® consulting is proud to offer a medical/clinical approach and credentialed knowledge base combined with many years of experience in the fitness, teaching, & sports/media industries.  

Expect professionalism, an optimistic & passionate energy, clinical research-based practice, and years of expertise in helping clients achieve their goals related to voice, communication, and/or effective message delivery.  

VOXFIT® can work with clients one on one for therapy or coaching and also can deliver interactive group seminars.  VOXFIT® also offers comprehensive education & training via independent courses complete with self-assessments, handouts, and interaction. Several options are available for improvement in the areas of VOICE, clinical voice therapy, public speaking, corporate communication, group/class instruction, teaching, coaching, and vocal performance. 

According to Stemple (2000), an occupational voice user is any individual who places great demands upon his/her voice and whose livelihood is dependent upon a functioning voice.

THINK: fitness instructor, teacher, lawyer, public speaker, sales representative, customer service representative, singer, performer, emcee, in-game host, TV/radio host, news/radio broadcaster, doctor, athlete, media representative, coach, call center representative, therapist, stay-at-home mom, nurse, priest/preacher/clergy...and the list goes on!


YOU are an occupational voice user and vocal athlete, and your VOICE is your instrument and essential for success in fulfilling your "work" mission... 

If your voice is not functioning as it should be OR if you want to enhance your voice use and vocal health in general, VOXFIT® can HELP.  Through voice coaching, we aim to educate you about how the voice works, how to utilize the voice to dynamically impact your success in the workplace, and how to grab & hold the attention of others with healthy care and proper use of the voice. Your voice is a crucial tool in your success.  VOXFIT® will help you set your voice free to function as the vital component to your occupational success that it truly is.  We coach you through the process of creating a positive change in your voice and help you realize all the success it can bring for your future.


VOXFIT® offers comprehensive, educational, & interactive independent study courses that are the equivalent of several therapy/coaching sessions and are yours forever, done on your own time, & complete with self-assessments, handouts, and Q&A with the founder... 

*Those who complete a VOXFIT® course are eligible for a discount on any future individual or group services*

"...seriously THE most comprehensive and meaningful course I've ever taken in my LIFE, and I actually enjoyed it!...The MOST I've ever learned about my voice, which is so incredibly helpful since my career as a fitpro consistently requires me to use my voice to command a room and inspire others. I now feel like I know how to take care of my voice, protect it from damage, and use it the best way possible inside my classes and out of the studio as well. I also feel comfortable with healthy projection and using the elements of vocal spice to enhance my class!"


"...REALLY convenient and I felt like I learned SO MUCH that I can immediately apply to teaching classes. I've never felt this 'filled up' after a course or training ever. The value of this course is priceless and I believe it will help SO many fitpros like me. I highly recommend! "


"Thank you so much! I appreciate the time and effort you put into our sessions. I feel much more confident in my ability to take care of my voice. Definitely worth the money. :-)"


Is Your Voice Hoarse?


What if your ENT/laryngologist has recommended voice therapy? Or what if your voice has become "hoarse" or unreliable? What if you've noticed a "change" in your voice (either the way it sounds, how long it lasts, or a loss of abilities the voice used to easily do)?  What if you want to heal a current voice injury OR protect your voice from abuse or misuse (inefficient voice use), and/or prevent any future vocal injury?  


VOXFIT® can HELP. Through voice therapy delivered from a licensed and certified speech pathologist, VOXFIT® aims to heal, rehabilitate, enhance, develop, and protect your voice — for now and into the future. You will learn how the voice works, what contributed to and/or caused your voice issue(s), and how to regain control of the way you use your voice to improve how it sounds. VOXFIT® will help you reshape your voice use, transform your vocal and life habits, and improve your vocal hygiene with client-specific recommendations, hands-on demonstrations and applicable exercises.  VOXFIT® coaches you through the process of creating a positive change in your voice and all that it can bring for your future.

"...I was blown away by how knowledgeable you were, and also by the effective way you were able to jump back and forth between science and exercises to help me understand and work on making progress. I trust you completely, and couldn’t be happier that I have such a great person helping me with this!"

Sales Professional

Vocal Seminars


Vocal seminars & group presentations are ideal for occupational or professional voice users, and anyone who may want to improve their voice--and may benefit from this education and training in a group setting (company, studio, school, organization, etc.). The presentations can be given at in-services, meetings, social gatherings, or as seminars (three hour or half day). They are an informative, educational, hands-on, & interactive experiential program that all attendees will benefit from, and several exercises are performed/provided in addition to handouts and recommendations.  


"...I really don’t have anything but positive things to say about the information you gave us on vocals during training. You kept it interactive which prevented anyone from disconnecting from you, your examples were very helpful, and almost every bit of the information was new to me. The way everything was explained made a lot of sense in a way that was relevant to us in our job and in our personal lives, and suggestions for improvements that you made were feasible & realistic for all of us. I hadn’t realized many of the things I’d been doing were harmful to my voice, and I never previously understood why or why not. Found the info very interesting...thank you! "

Of course, VOXFIT® is always available for personal questions after the seminar/presentation and (if/when warranted), a discount will be offered for future individual therapy/coaching of a client who attended a seminar/group presentation. These educational & interactive programs prove that many clients share the same experiences and feelings, can easily learn from each other, and that even those with very little individual time available can obtain a wide range of tools and benefits for their voice!  

EDUCATION is a powerful tool--allow your brain to learn and grow & the possibilities of expanding your occupational and life vocal success are endless.  

One of the primary goals of VOXFIT® is to bring voice-related knowledge & dynamic voice enhancement and improvement to all occupational voice users.

When this can be done in group environments, the passion, energy, and growth become contagious...and the groups can evolve and improve together as a whole--which positively impacts the entire organization, studio, etc.  

"...I really enjoyed the vocal seminar training!! I learned some really helpful techniques for not just focusing on my voice during class, but things I can do outside of class to make sure I'm taking care of my voice. I have made a conscious effort to hydrate more, & cough/clear my throat less. Additionally, I have started focusing more on several of the techniques introduced during training in my rides. I really try to use deep breaths to control my speech during class & I've actually made an effort to strategically pause more in between speaking so I can sound clearer (and for dramatic effect). I also try very hard to avoid any "pitch ditch" or trailing off by speaking from my belly and not my head and chest. There were a lot of valuable bits of information in your seminar & I am really glad you did that for us! I think all types of fitness instructors would benefit from something like this. "


"...Sara’s vocal seminar was extremely helpful to me in teaching my own classes. I am now very conscious about staying hydrated, avoiding things that would damage my vocal cords and finding ways to make my class more impactful. I had no idea the way I breathe affects my voice, which it then affects my class, and my overall stamina!! Any instructor would benefit greatly from this knowledge, information, vocal exercises and tips on how to protect our valuable tool!! Our voice!! "


Enhance your Vocal Delivery & learn how to safely & dynamically use your voice for instructing classes, teaching/lecturing, speaking in public, leading meetings, or being featured on TV/radio... 


  • What if you are a professional voice-user(fitness instructor, teacher, salesperson, lawyer, actor, journalist/broadcaster, preacher/priest/clergy, etc.) with minimal or no vocal training?  

  • What if you don't use your voice all the time for work but you've been asked to give a talk or presentation and want to make sure you deliver your message to the audience in a captivating way?

  • What if you are an athlete and get briefly interviewed by media and want to make sure you represent yourself and your organization in a clear and professional way while still maintaining your own authenticity?  

  • What if you want to increase the conviction and/or effectiveness of your message delivery?  

  • How about if you teach fitness classes and your job is to command a room, push clients past their self-imposed limits, and inspire and motivate them through your voice and energy?

  • What if you are a teacher that needs to command the room of students and hold their attention while providing them with needed education?  

  • How about if you are a preacher/priest/clergy member and need to gain and hold the attention of a large group of people to share an important message?  

  • What if you are feeling nervous about an interview or presentation?  

  • Or if you would like to improve your communication in general?

  • Do you want to protect your voice from abuse, misuse, overuse, or any future injury to ensure reliability and credibility in the workplace?  

The Best Part…

VOXFIT® offers all services in multiple service delivery options: individual sessions OR group seminars, virtually OR in-person, as well as self-study comprehensive courses...

Vocal success is YOURS for the choosing!



VOICE is a full-body experience. Our body, mind, and spirit all work together and intertwine beautifully to develop, strengthen, rebalance, support, illuminate, and create the best and most authentic voice possible for each of us.  
If we fail to recognize & embrace the connection between these foundational components of VOICE, we will be doing ourselves a disservice as we journey towards finding our best vocal selves... although it's important to remember it is always a process and never a destination...and we must trust the process and involve mind, body, and spirit in all aspects of learning to fully create all that we are capable of becoming--vocally, professionally, & personally.  
It's not the ability to verbalize what you were "educated on", but instead the mastery of embodying what you "learned" and carrying that onward towards evolution & growth.  
Do not fear the power of opening your HEART to new and continued learning.  Embrace the priceless beauty of education by involving not only your mind, but also your body and spirit...


*All service options include applicable handouts & follow up information*

*VOXFIT® COURSE: STRETCH, Massage, Release. Let it Go.

*VOXFIT® COURSE for FitPros (coming soon)

*VOXFIT® Corporate VOICE Course (coming soon)

*Individual Voice Therapy or Voice Coaching Session (at least 3-4 are recommended)

*Three Pack (Individual Sessions)

*Individual Session + Facetime session into occupational voice use setting for observation & analysis/coaching

*Four Pack (Individual Sessions) + Facetime analysis/coaching

*Group Vocal Seminar via Live Webinar including Q&A session (approximately 3 hours) 

*Group Vocal Seminar in person including Q&A session (approximately 3 hours)

*Group Half-Day Vocal Seminar in person with individual coaching including Q&A session (approximately 5 hours)

*It is also possible to create a service package specific to you and/or your group*


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