*A representation of YOU

*A motivator

*A guide

*A key factor in inspiring others

*The vehicle for words used to exude your passion and message out to others

*The window to your soul

...Your energy introduces you before you speak.  

If you walked into a room to give a presentation, teach to students, train clients, throw a sales pitch, participate in an interview with the media, give a sermon, announce a radio or television show, etc... how do you want to make others FEEL? How can your VOICE play a huge role in this?  How can your voice facilitate connection with others? How can your voice represent YOU better?

Our society puts so much emphasis on the way we look and we feel the need to spend ample time ensuring our physical presentation is perfect, but HOW MUCH TIME OR ENERGY DO WE PUT TOWARDS OUR VOICE?...which truly speaks volumes about our abilities, capabilities, emotions, credibility, and confidence?  

The voice walks into the room even before your physical body; it is present in the room without your physical body (when using the phone for conversations, conference calls, interviews, etc.).  

It is just as important to take care of your voice and use it the most effective, efficient, and dynamic ways possible as it is to focus on physical appearance...likely even more so.  

Even if you have all the wisdom and knowledge in the world, if you cannot deliver your message in an effective way, then it will not serve its purpose in assisting you in your mission--whatever that may be.  You may also lose the very important connection with others that you are qualified to achieve. 

Your voice can create a monumental CONNECTION 

OR a memorable disconnect.  

Your voice and the way you use it can make you appear more knowledgeable and/or qualified than others, just because of the quality of your vocal sound and/or the way you are delivering the message.

Vocal Athletes

 WHO is a professional voice user??  ...any individual who places great demand on his/her voice and whole livelihood is dependent upon a functioning voice... (Stemple, 2000).  Professional &/or Occupational Voice Users are VOCAL ATHLETES. Athletes put greater demands on their bodies and are at higher risk for injuries...

PROTECT YOUR VOICE. Effectively use your voice. INVEST IN YOUR VOICE.

VOICE is a measure of your overall sense of well-being... take care of it and it will represent you well.  

Use it effectively and it will assist you in your mission to reach others.  

Your voice is a vehicle of message delivery that can change lives.  

Ensure you are protecting it, preserving it, and using it to the best of your ability.

Whether you are an occupational voice user (you use your voice for your "work"), you currently experience "hoarseness", or you just want to learn more about how to care for and effectively use your voice...

VOXFIT® can help!!!

VOXFIT® specializes in combining the two "worlds" of medical speech/voice pathology AND occupational voice use & vocal performance.  


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