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VOXFIT® Mission Statement

Striving to educate occupational voice users on the most healthy, efficient, and dynamic ways to use their vocal instruments in order to prevent the occurrence of voice disorders, promote effective message delivery, and empower others--while exuding passion and embodying genuine authenticity...


According to Stemple (2000), an occupational voice user is any individual who places great demands upon his/her voice & whose livelihood is dependent upon a functioning voice. THINK: fitness instructor, teacher, lawyer, public speaker, sales rep, customer service rep,   singer, performer, emcee, in-game host, TV/radio host, news/radio broadcaster, doctor, athlete, media representative, coach, call center rep, therapist, stay-at-home mom, nurse, priest/preacher/clergy...  & the list goes on!


As an occupational voice user, success depends on a healthy vocal mechanism, effective message delivery, excellent communication skills, and dynamic voice use to create a lasting impact on others. VOXFIT® can provide you an advantage with improved voice use, enhanced knowledge related to care of your vocal instrument, and expansion on the possibilities of your inspirational impact on others.

VOXFIT® is committed to meeting your needs.  You can expect experience, passion, professionalism, and high quality of expert and individualized care.

VOXFIT® utilizes technology to assist in making delivery of services incredibly easy for clients.  Virtual telepractice methods allow you to obtain the training & support you need whenever and wherever is most convenient for you.  In-person options are available as well.

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VOXFIT® provides educational and interactive seminars to large or small groups on several topics including: vocal health & hygiene, effective and efficient voice use, dynamic vocal performance for teaching, coaching, and/or inspiring others, effective message delivery, vocal freedom, and more...

Frequently Asked Questions...

If you use your voice for your job (and qualify as an occupational voice user and often a vocal athlete!), VOXFIT® CAN HELP YOU..and YOU HAVE OPTIONS.  VOXFIT® has several service delivery options to best suit your needs including individual coaching and/or therapy sessions, group seminars, and independent interactive voice courses created to provide high-quality education and training to set you apart from others and set you up for success! 


VOXFIT® provides in-person educational and interactive seminars to groups and also provides one-on-one services utilizing technology to assist in making delivery of services incredibly easy for clients. Virtual telepractice methods allow you to obtain the training and support you need whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. VOXFIT® is dedicated to delivering the highest level of voice and communication care for clinical concerns related to healing of vocal fold pathology, inefficient voice use patterns, and/or “hoarseness”— and also those concerns more related to class instruction, coaching, teaching, reporting, performance, public speaking, and/or corporate communication. VOXFIT® consulting is proud to offer a medical/clinical approach and credentialed knowledge base combined with many years of experience in the fitness, teaching, and corporate/media industries. ​


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Any individual who uses their voice for/during their "job".  Examples may include: teacher, fitness instructor, professor, police officer, drill sergeant, priest/preacher/clergy, singer, performer, news or radio broadcaster/reporter, emcee, public speaker, in-game host, television or event host, athlete (especially if/when interviewed by media or others), trainer, provider of tours, sales representative, doctor, lawyer, receptionist/administrative assistant, call center representative, therapist, dance instructor, coach, giver of presentations, the.list.goes.on.

YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT HANDS.  VOXFIT® has years of experience in both the medical and fitness settings.  VOXFIT® consulting specializes in fitness instruction and healthy voice care and effective voice use for an overall improved and monumental class experience--all while protecting your instrument--YOUR VOICE.

UNDERSTOOD. And VOXFIT® is here to help you.  You are in the right hands as VOXFIT® has years of experience in the medical/voice clinic setting and works with patients just like you everyday. If you have noticed a change in voice that started suddenly or has lasted longer than two weeks, the best course of action is to be seen by an ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT) or even better, a laryngologist (ENT that specializes in voice).  You will likely have a videostroboscopy (a movie made of your voice--what it looks like and how it functions) and hopefully a voice evaluation as well.  Voice therapy will target any abnormalities found during your doctor's appointment as well as your current complaints--with a goal of getting you back to your vocal baseline (or even better!).

VOXFIT® has presented for several different groups including: boutique fitness studios, companies, gyms, schools for the performing arts, choral groups, teachers, broadcasters (The Weather Channel), athletes, fitness instructors/fitpros, physicians, graduate students, and singer/actor/media groups. The interactive seminar will be specifically tailored for your group and all participants will receive handouts and follow-up information.

VOXFIT® CAN HELP YOU!!!  Don't you want to masterfully execute your quick (or lengthy) interview with the media after a game/performance?.. Or your podcast interview or audio show?  These speaking engagements may be your audience's only impression of you.  You need to make sure to WOW them.  Your message delivery can be intricately enhanced to portray a more poised, clear, and confident version of yourself.. to improve the way others' understand your message and perceive you as a communicator and person.  Attention to your execution of these "little things" may play a large role in your future opportunities and/or careers.

Prices will differ depending on the type of session or seminar, but payments can be made securely through Stripe through this website via calendly during the scheduling process.  Special discounts are provided for certain populations (seminar and/or course attendees).

Not a problem at all!! VOXFIT® will see you whenever is most convenient for you as scheduled appointment times are made in advance and can be via virtual telepractice and/or in person.  After work hours and weekends are available. VOXFIT's telepractice option will allow you to be anywhere convenient for you in order to guarantee sessions are not a burden for you as the client.  

You have come to the right place!  VOXFIT® has years of experience providing voice therapy (and diagnostics) for those who have been diagnosed with a voice disorder, and also those interested in preventing voice disorders. VOXFIT's  therapy and diagnostics approaches are based on the most current research to ensure an evidenced-based and successful result. 

YES!  VOXFIT® consulting and speech pathology services are performed by a licensed and experienced speech pathologist who has several years of diagnostic and therapeutic experience with patients who have dysphagia (a swallowing disorder).  A swallowing study (Modified Barium Swallow Study or a Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing) is recommended prior to initiation of therapy as success and efficacy of therapy depends on knowledge of the client's baseline swallowing function.


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