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 ALL THINGS DENTISTRY: Bridging the Gap Between SLPs and Dental Professionals!!!

Curious about how effective collaboration between DENTISTS and SLPs will ENHANCE patient ADVOCACY and OPTIMIZE patient care? You’ll hear @scharns and I discuss our collaboration mindset with dentistry professionals and learn all about this unique topic of speech pathology’s relationship with dentistry (and how we can GROW this to new heights!). THINK: voice, airway, head/neck cancer, trismus, oral care, pediatrics, occupational voice users, grad students/dental students, etc., etc., etc. We talk ALL about the birth of the idea of this collaboration (within a SUPPORT GROUP we help lead for patients with laryngeal dystonias and other voice disorders!), the importance of COLLABORATIONS in general (especially to enhance patient care), developing a collaborative model/pathway, RESEARCH supporting the dentist+SLP collaboration, and the importance of ADVOCACY & future plans relative to this collaborative endeavor.
I love to navigate uncharted territory.. it’s FUN and EXCITING…especially if it comes from the HEART with good intentions to HELP others. It’s also FUN to be BOLD and do NEW (possibly BIG) things. I’m GRATEFUL for incredible colleagues like Sara and Theresa who also believe in the importance of paving the way for a future where interdisciplinary collaboration is the norm, not the exception. And I’m so grateful that Sara and I get the opportunity to spread the good word to a new professional family of collaborators— dental providers— in the Spring! Stay tuned!🫶🏻💗 ðŸ¦·ðŸ—£ï¸

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 The 18th Annual SinCity Laryngology Conference... 

As ALWAYS, cheers to another AMAZING @sincitylaryngology conference!!!!! This is my favorite conference every year and I absolutely LOVE all the learning, collaboration, catch-ups with colleagues, shared PASSION (for voice/airway/dysphagia/HNC), and FUN. 

Continuing education is a non-negotiable for me and I try to PRIORITIZE it as often as I can. I truly believe that if you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing… AND it’s REALLY important to me to never be stagnant and to ALWAYS keep GROWING. #growthmindset ALWAYS. I prioritize this conference every year because it’s my FAVE and it provides the laryngologist, ENT, and SLP perspectives on alllllll of my favorite topics—voice, airway, swallowing, and management/treatment of head/neck cancer. It relays and encourages the beauty of the collaborative model in treating these patients as well, which is also one of my PASSIONS. Additionally, it is always guided by research and includes extra courses too (an incredible voice symposium, TEP workshop, and other MD-focused workshops). There were SO MANY awesome talks this year!!!! PLUS IT IS IN VEGAS, which is always a high vibe energy and fun (although WAY DRY and still quite smokier than I prefer🤦🏼‍♀️). Can’t tell a lie, I ALWAYS bring my @vocalmist… 🙌🏼💯🫶🏻

I gotta say though, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this year’s keynote speaker… Dr. Rex Marco (pic below). WHAT AN INCREDIBLE talk and perspective he shared. I am SO grateful to have been in that audience and taken a page of notes on his insights and wisdom he offered to all of us.

Here are just a FEW of my favorites:

*“Be mindful of every moment, so you don’t worry about the future or dwell on the past…”

*Mindfulness breathing 

*Create a daily routine that cultivates optimism

*Develop a loving kindness practice 


*”There is a plan.”

*The importance of reading lips

*The importance of thanking your team 


*Living in this moment…

*HOPE—to have and to give to others…


For any friends who haven’t been to this conference yet, I HIGHLY recommend. Can’t wait for next year! 🙌🏼🫶🏻🗣️💯

If you try the link and/or QR code (above), you'll see that I'm listed as a provider in AZ! woohoo!

from Jonathan Aviv's talk (above)!!

**Also check out the video also included in this post for a glimpse into LARYNGEAL KARAOKE and this year's winner who is a laryngologist (that performed an incredible version of AT LAST while everyone was watching her vocal folds on the big screen!)...**




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Heard this incredible phrase this week from @ericarceneaux & HAD TO SHARE WITH EVERYONE!!!… it is SO spot on related to VOICE WORK, breathing work, & mind-body-voice connection. It’s also honestly something I try to always achieve in my own voice use but also education/guidance I try to provide in all client & patient sessions as well. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I am really into the RESEARCH (“science”), & LOVE when research teaches us something new &/or proves something we already know… & obviously also when it assists us in achieving our most optimal vocal QUALITY (as well as general vocal ECONOMY to promote vocal LONGEVITY and vocal HEALTH overall)! 


Sometimes (actually a lot of times!) voice therapy is super weird because there is a lot of focus on the achievement of target sensations, so I love to explain the SCIENCE behind everything that we do. I really feel like it helps people “buy in” & fully understand how these little exercises will help to heal & train the voice “on the inside”. It’s also super important to actually CONNECT to the body (which includes sensory feedback), as the body is “already THERE” always waiting for us to use it/recruit it for help to be more EFFICIENT. I also really want people to understand the BEAUTY behind the voice science… & I also know it’s pretty cool that the science directly correlates to a sensation we can FEEL…that immediate feedback is so important in identifying achievement of the target or not. It also helps people EXPLORE WITHIN themselves & not require as much outside feedback (& this internal feedback is honestly how people learn the best). Additionally, if we can understand the achievement of sensations when we speak & sing &/or teach/coach, etc. then we can maintain these targets within our day-to-day lives.

What a beautiful phrase, I just loved it so much & I had to highlight it. How can YOU connect the SENSATIONS to the SCIENCE? How can this beautiful relationship LIVE WITHIN your BODY & be brought to LIFE THROUGH your VOICE?




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PYV: Anddd of course, always REMEMBER to PRIORITIZE YOUR VOICE! ... 

How are YOU prioritizing your voice today? And everyday? As an OCCUPATIONAL VOICE USER, it SHOULD be one of your top priorities! 

What do you need to know to keep your voice healthy?  You should understand how the voice works, how to protect and care for your voice, and how to use your voice and entire vocal mechanism in the most efficient, effective, and dynamic ways possible.  
I’m super PASSIONATE about this population of voice users (I’m one and most of you are too!), and am HERE TO HELP! Reach out with any questions, concerns, or if you’d like to work together. Email me at [email protected] or DM me on @voxfit_ ...



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