You are Enough...

December 18, 2019


It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher, fitness instructor, singer, broadcaster, performer, or any other professional voice user—YOU are enough, and you must believe this fact. It is only when you believe just how ENOUGH you are that your authentic, real, uninhibited, unique, and genuine VOICE will be able to SHINE through and TOUCH others…And it will allow your beautiful “you-ness” to shine out with it as well. Why allow yourself to pretend to be like someone else? You don’t need to do this, and you will never be all you can be (your full, authentic, true voice and self) if you are trying to be someone else.  You NEED to be YOU! The world NEEDS YOU to BE YOU. The world needs YOU.


Despite years of training, hours of practice, or extensive time spent planning or rehearsing—you will never please everyone (and none of us can). And that’s OKAY. You can never be perfectly sure what the person on the other side of the audition table or the client taking your class or the listener on the other side of the radio may be going through in their life or expecting from you at any moment. It is not up to you to decide how to morph yourself, your voice, your performance, or your class to figure this out. However, it IS your mission to be YOU and others will appreciate this. It is when you are being your most authentic self that your true voice and self shine through—it is just this exact YOU that actually attracts others to you despite what they are going through or expecting; it is this vulnerable, REAL YOU that others FEEL and connect to. Keep in mind that it is also easy for others to feel when you are trying to be something or someone that you are not. Give others the best YOU! Stay true to who you are—your music choices, your motivational and inspirational cues, your vocal energy, the stories you share, etc….and remember to speak, act, teach, and/or sing from YOUR heart. People pick up on that PASSION, and can feel you are doing this because YOU care and because this is what you were made for…and it is exactly THIS that you want them to FEEL. It is THIS that will make them choose YOU, connect with you, and even talk to others about how awesome YOU are. And they can FEEL all of this through your VOICE.


As you grow into truly believing that YOU are ENOUGH, you will find and maintain JOY in all circumstances and others will feel this as well. There will be times some may not choose you or connect with you the way you had hoped, but that will be okay because you will feel comfortable in your own skin and in knowing you give your whole self to your dreams everyday..and THAT is enough. Don't be nervous, BE YOU.. and be proud of that.


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