"Walk for Talk" and PYV (Movement is MEDICINE)!


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Tuesday Toss Up: "Walk for Talk" Fundraising Event for Dysphonia International/NSDA

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I STRONGLY believe in the importance of SUPPORT GROUPS. My senior thesis (in grad school) was on developing the (head/neck cancer) support group of a local VA Medical Center. I am so grateful to continue this work with my colleague and friend Sara Charney and our local NSDA (National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association) support group called Valley of the Sun.


The NSDA organization recently renamed themselves DYSPHONIA INTERNATIONAL “to better reflect the inclusivity of the organization”, as many members have laryngeal dystonia (spasmodic dysphonia-type), but others may have vocal tremor, muscle tension dysphonia, and/or vocal fold paralysis (which can either co-occur with SD or be the solo diagnosis). The name change has allowed the organization to HELP more people living with voice conditions regardless of the cause, location, or age.


“The annual Walk for Talk is a four-day event (October 20-23) to benefit Dysphonia International. The event started in 2020 and aims to give thousands of people a glimpse into the impact of spasmodic dysphonia and related voice conditions through the stories that the community shares. It provides the opportunity to invite family, friends, co-workers, support group communities, healthcare professionals, and even pets to be part of our organization and better UNDERSTAND the challenges that people living with a voice disorder face on a daily basis. It provides a chance to feel empowered by expanding AWARENESS and RAISING FUNDS for research.” We WALK to raise awareness and help find answers, better treatments, and cures for these voice disorders that impact so many people in our communities. ALL donations are DOUBLED dollar-for-dollar (EVERY GIFT GOES EVEN FURTHER!)


YOU can participate during the four-day event, this upcoming October 20-23…there is NO cost and you can register online. It’s also YOUR CHOICE how you participate! You can simply DONATE to the organization or a local group (check the link in our bios OR use this link HERE!). You can “use your feet to help us defeat spasmodic dysphonia” via walking, running, hiking, biking, surfing, swimming, etc.! OR you can JOIN us at a local Walk event! In Scottsdale we are meeting on Saturday October 22nd…come join!! No matter where you live, YOU can be a part of the Walk for Talk! TAKE PHOTOS and tag #walkfortalk on social media.


REMEMBER, every dollar raised brings us one step closer to finding a cure for spasmodic dysphonia and related voice conditions!



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Movement is MEDICINE!



I say this one ALLLL the time! For our BODY, for our lungs and heart health, for our VOICE, for stress release, and for our sanity!! Just MOVE! You will always feel better afterwards.


And sidenote — it’s also always important to MOVE our voice around as we talk (teach, instruct, coach, preach, etc.). When we do—-we are more interesting to listen to, but (almost) more importantly, we are CREATING movement and FREEDOM on the INSIDE, allowing our vocal folds to stretch/lengthen and contract/shorten. We are encouraging MOVEMENT on the inside where it can often be tight and restricted. The more we hang at one or two notes as we speak, the lesser the movement (the stiffer the feel and more monotone the sound). Find vocal freedom and ease in authentic movement. 


PRIORITIZE YOUR VOICE (and body, and mind, and emotions) by committing to MOVEMENT everyday!! 


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