January 27, 2019
WHO is an occupational voice user?!... According to Stemple (2000), an occupational voice user is any individual who places great demands upon his/her voice and whose livelihood is dependent upon a functioning voice.  THINK: fitness instructor, teacher, lawyer, public speaker, sales representative, customer service representative, singer, performer, emcee, in-game host, TV/radio host, news/radio broadcaster, athlete, media representative, coach, call center representative, therapist, priest/preacher/clergy, etc..and THE.LIST.GOES.ON...!  DID YOU KNOW that occupational voicing percentage per hour is more than TWICE that of non occupational voicing? (Hunter & Titze, 2010).  Professional and occupational voice users ARE VOCAL ATHLETES.  Athletes put greater demands on their bodies and are at higher risk for injuries.  As an occupational voice user, success depends on a healthy vocal mechanism, effective message delivery, excellent communication skills, and dynamic voice use to create a lasting impact on others. 
What do you need to know to keep your voice healthy?  You should understand how the voice works, what can negatively affect the voice, how to protect and care for your voice, and how to use your voice and entire vocal mechanism in the most efficient, effective, and dynamic ways possible.  YOUR VOICE is your instrument, and just like any other instrument, its performance will reflect how well it is taken care of and how effectively and efficiently it is used/played. The end result--whether or not the general goal is a beautiful vocal quality, a well-delivered presentation or sales pitch, a dynamically delivered classroom or studio experience, or a perfectly played tune-- is a direct reflection of the instrument's care-taker. Let your priority be to EDUCATE yourself (knowledge is power!) on how to protect your instrument and use it efficiently, effectively, and dynamically. The more you KNOW and apply to positively transform your vocal life, the more you can you can USE your VOICE to MOTIVATE, INSPIRE, LEAD, and CHANGE the lives of others.

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